Transgenic Ciona artwork


Diana Jose'-Edwards


Our imaginary special guest:

Megalodicopia hians

the deep-sea predatory tunicate!

photographed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium exhibit in 2000

Natalia's poster 2018.jpg

Showing off the sea squirts Natalia's poster, Research Expo April 2018

Natalia, Marie, Vico, Yushi

Live from NYC-The mythical 3-siphoned Ci

3-siphon Ciona mutant

Famous Lab Cakes

Jamie's cake!!!.JPG

Jamie's graduation

June 11, 2009

Cake for Diana's ACE 5-21-2009.JPG

Diana's ACE exam

May 21, 2009


Diana's graduation     6/20/2013


April 2017

Natalia, Aakarsha,

Anna, Yushi, Julie

Lab photo July 2016.jpeg

April 2018

Vico, Yushi, Anna, Natalia, Julie, Zaneta

July 2017

Yushi, Aakarsha, Natalia,

Hima, Julie, Pauline

Lab's sweet 16!.JPEG

January 2019

Lab's Sweet 16